Lambkin / Lescaleet

Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet are both highly respected artists, with small but intensely hardcore followings. Since 2001, they’ve gradually moved closer towards realizing a collaborative project, culminating in 2008 with The Breadwinner, the result of two years of recording, reworking and polishing. The duo followed up with 2010’s Air Supply and released a split 7’’ in 2012 entitled The Food Chain B/W Nice Ass.

Lambkin first entered the public consciousness at 19 when he formed his band The Shadow Ring in 1991 in Folkestone, a small town in Kent, England. The band quickly built a rabidly passionate fan base because of its sui generis approach, blending elements of folk, noise, cracked electronics, and surrealist poetry, while radically changing the overall formula with each release. Though The Shadow Ring disbanded in 2003, Lambkin produced a number of inreasingly skewed and inspired solo albums throughout the 2000’s, including Poem (For Voice & Tape), the brilliant Salmon Run (2007), and Millows (2012). January 2013 saw the release of Making A, a collaboration between Lambkin and the godfather of electroacoustic improvisation, Keith Rowe.

Lescalleet has gradually and painstakingly built a compelling discography over the past decade. He uses reel-to-reel tape decks to explore the textures of low fidelity analog sounds and the natural phenomena of old tape and obsolete technology. He is one of a growing list of master producer/musicians, whose skill lies as much in reworking, assembling and mastering the material available as in creating it (or helping create it) in the first place. Lescalleet has released twenty-six albums and EPs since 2000, including collaborations with such wide-ranging artists as Aaron Dilloway, Greg Kelley, Joe Colley and Nmperigm in addition to a string of superb solo discs. Lescalleet’s most recent release, Time is Relative, was released this April on Chondritic Sound.