Fielded is the stage name of Lindsay A. Powell, a vocalist, songwriter and composer currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Powell works at creating a genre-less instrumental backdrop for the movement of her voice – a penetrating and sensual tool in which she explores fearlessly and innovatively. She refers to her sound as ‘post-apocalyptic pop’, a title all too fitting as it seems as though her songs have been written as part of some timeless film laced with battle cries, lovemaking and outer limit abductions. When writing, Powell always begins with 2 or three vocals lines which she uses to construct an entire movement complete with drums, bass, choral backings and the occasional saxophone solo. Intense and riveting, we pulse through the many dimensions of her sounds searching for the history we never knew and the future we never thought we wanted.

Fielded has just finished the album Ninety Thirty Thirty,  her full-length follow-up to 2011′s White Death EP. She is currently in the studio working on future releases.


Fielded – ‘My Hand, Meant Only For You’ from Light Green Cabbage on Vimeo.