ancient warfare

Ancient Warfare reconstructs forlorn matters of the heart with resurrection, promise and desire. A marrying of Mark Lanegan to Chrissie Hynde where PJ Harvey is best man and honored maid. Ancient Warfare drawls in ambient guitars, tribal beats and pulsating timbres. Both loud and tender, the songs, sounds and singing pine and repine, exhale and inhale, offering up what seems to be sure, pure and blameless–at least for now.

Spawned from Savannah’s depths in 2009, the band’s once raw two-piece duo evolved after its originator, Echo Wilcox, wandered back home to Lexington, Kentucky. Ancient Warfare now consists of Emily Hagihara on drums, vox and keys (Jim James, Cheyenne Marie Mize & Chico Fellini), Rachael Yanarella on violin (Killer Meteor), Reva Williams on bass (Gretel, Will Gray, Italian Beaches), Tom Hnatow on pedal steel and guitar (Mynabirds, Vandaveer, These United States), with Ms. Wilcox continuing on in her role as lead singer and electrified guitar player. The crew is in the outer-middle of recording their first full-length album with Duane Lundy of Shangri-la Productions (Dear-Companion featuring: Jim James/Daniel Martin Moore/Ben Sollee, Vandaveer) and touring throughout the US. The Pale Horse will be released in late 2013 on Alias Records.